Play poker – win bitcoins

Players of casino games in USA are looking for new propositions that are going to be more profitable and interesting for the playing. Online poker and slots are not so fresh today. In resent time, development of crypto technologies and especially of currency opened new ways for casinos to provide games to gamblers. All these is possible because of Blockchain. Moreover, any video poker game and slot will be different from traditional ones.

One of the best aspects of Blockchain technology is its transparency. This means that a business that uses a public chain can make its activity completely open. Each user can check the promises given by the company, etc. One of the potential applications for this kind of openness are gambling and online casinos with cryptocurrency, also known as the gambling industry.

Today, online games are much popularized, and in countries where gambling is legal, this business brings billions of dollars. The problem is that no one knows how fair the mechanisms on these platforms: the player really has a chance to win?

This idea allowed playing casino games for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Since everything works on smart contracts that can be tested, honesty rises. Potentially, this is a much more honest and open gambling and casino cryptocurrency. In addition, the possibility of using crypto currency instead of fiat opens up this industry to thousands of new players. slots and poker with bitcoin are going to be the future.

Usually in a casino

less is profitable course for cryptocurrencies, as well as in private exchangers. It is also worth noting that despite the use of cryptocurrency, the mass of casinos do nothing fundamentally new. They simply use new means of entering money to the site, but they do not give advantages to the cryptocurrency. Fraud and divorce is not reduced with the use of tokens. Also, the advantage of the casino at the level of 1-5%.

Projects that are more honest are developments on the blockchains, which becomes a distinctive feature of the casino. We will consider two of the most popular and anticipated projects for gambling on the cryptocurrencies: Edgeless and FunFair. Each of them has its own unique advantages and business model. Free poker here will bring also chance to win double price.
Edgeless is a project based on Ethereum, which is “legally clean”, transparent, and also offers a unique function of “bankroll”. Recently, Edgeless acquired a casino license in CuraƧao (an island in the Caribbean, the Kingdom of the Netherlands where gambling is legalized) and offers blackjack and dice games, while poker and sports betting will appear during 2018. The advantage of the casino is 0%.

The license allows the project to gain access to banking services, the official website says that soon there will be a personal payment gateway, which will allow to organize a casino similar to the usual online site.

However, Edgeless is not available in all countries. Americans, for example, can not use the Edgeless crypto currency casino. When they try to open a page, they receive an error message. An IP lock is used. However, in near future it will change.

An interesting function of bankroll, which is designed to ensure that the casino has always had sufficient liquidity to pay out the winning rates. Holders of the Edgeless token can put them in a smart contract, which can then be used to finance operations in the casino: the crypto currency will be transferred to the winner and will be deducted from the loser. This is a planned function, which is currently at the alpha testing stage.

Currently Edgeless

Currently Edgeless (EDG) markers are traded at a price of about $ 0.56 each, with a total market capitalization of $ 46.5 million. Since entering the market on April 1, 2017, prices have risen from three cents per token. The peak at the time of March 2018 was about $ 2.50.

Another project casino with cryptocurrency – FunFair – offers similar functions, but works on another business model. FunFair is not going to manage its own casino, their technology and business model allows other people to create their own online gambling and casino. That is, anyone can run a casino crypto.

FunFair has several technological advantages, including the use of technology called Fate Channels. It reduces network costs, games within the project are only 10% of the costs of other block casinos. For using the platform, you must pay a license fee to FUN tokens. The tokens are partially taken by FunFair and paid to independent game developers. For example, an independent virtual gambling house can create its own game and make profit from it. FunFair acts only as a technology company, so the responsibility lies with casino operators: a legitimate casino license or other rights to run such a business. Users who have Meta Mask installed can play several online games either off-line or in the Ethereum test network. Moreover, in USA it works very well, so it is worth to visit.

Recently FunFair has been removed from ShapeShift and popular exchanges. He also dropped in the ranking in the Exodus wallet from the main asset to the secondary class asset on Ethereum. Today, FunFair tokens (FUN) are traded around $ 0.03. At the peak in early January, the tokens traded at $ 0.18.