A new system of payment – the digital currency bitcoin – has penetrated many areas of business. And it’s not just about the companies associated with the IT-sphere: bitcoins are interesting for banks, shopping networks, hotels. However, one of the most promising industries for virtual currency is online gambling. Bitcoin is anonymous and does not depend on inflation, so it is ideal for use in online casinos.

The most advanced and bold business owners have already transferred their online casinos to bitcoin. What are the advantages of using a digital currency they mark?

  1. Complete anonymity

In the bitcoin casino, the user can not enter personal information (name, country, bank card number, etc.), since financial operations with bitcoin can be performed anonymously. This is a significant plus for players who do not want to disclose their personal data, which means your competitive advantage.

Anonymous casino review

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  1. Withdrawal of funds is guaranteed

The properties of bitcoin guarantee security: casinos that work with this currency are protected from scammers. Therefore, the situation is excluded when a simple user account is blocked because of unfair visitors playing nearby. The absence of blockages is a guarantee that the player will be able to withdraw money at any time.

  1. Progressive audience

Bitcoin-casino is chosen by the most active and “advanced” members of the Internet community. They are people who are versed in high technologies, often employees of the economic and IT spheres. Such players are deeply immersed in the game process and often make significant bets.

  1. Playing at the lowest possible stakes

Bitcoin-casino is ideal for those who do not pursue a big win, but want to enjoy the game process. The creator of this crypto currency provided for its division into the smallest parts: in one bitcoin 100 million Satoshi. A player can bet one satoshi, which is approximately $ 0.002. Therefore, the translation of the casino into bitcoin will attract to you a new segment of players.

  1. Bitcoin volatility

This crypto currency has been growing steadily since its inception: over the past three years it has risen more than tenfold! Therefore, the players will have an excellent incentive to start the account and replenish it in bitcoins, because after a while the currency on it will noticeably “grow older”.

  1. A game without borders

In the cryptocasino is not determined by the IP player, so he can play in any country and withdraw money from his account – even where gambling is strictly prohibited by law. Supervisory authorities will not be able to track and block the player. Your audience will always be extensive.

Bitcoin blackjack reddit offers to the American players special o deposit bonuses that are going to make bitcoins blackjack game for you very profitable. Below will be a brief bitcoin blackjack review for our American players.

Bitcoin blackjack is probably one of the most popular games that almost every online crypto casino offers. This does not mean, however, that everyone knows its principles perfectly. Many people lose because it focuses not on what is most important. How to play this game to enjoy the best possible results? What mistakes to avoid? This article will try to answer these two very important questions.

Anonymous casino review

150% up to 1,5 BTC

This model allows you to offer 0% commission and an equal chance for all parties

Of course, the goal of the bitcoin blackjack faucet is to get the best possible combination of cards, which would be as close as possible to 21, but that’s not all. The main thing is to simply present a better combination than the one shown by the dealer. Too intensive focusing on collecting cards, the value of which would be exactly 21, definitely distances from the win in most cases. Do not strive for a perfect solution, because there are a number of other combinations that can also give you a win. Basic strategies are very important, but many players forget about them completely. All you have to do is get acquainted with them so that you can quickly find out when it’s best to do a specific move, and when it’s better to withdraw. In this way, you can really save a lot and, most importantly, do not lose hard earned money.

It may seem that by betting more, you gain more. It turns out, however, that this is not always the case. It is best to start betting with the best possible sums, then increase their value when the value of the potential win increases. Placing large amounts from the very beginning can lead to rapid bankruptcy, leaving the player with only an empty wallet.

The last big mistake often made by players in bitcoin blackjack with faucet is sharing cards with a value of 10. By doing this move, players believe that they get a better chance of getting a combination of 21 in two groups of cards. Two dozens have a common value of 20, so together they form the second most attractive solution in the game. It is definitely better to keep them with you, because very often such a combination can surprise other players and provide the player who owns it with a very attractive win.

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