Anonymous casino online

Anonymous casino is the main request of the players of casino games in USA. Until this time this point was not possible to achieve and do not trouble with deceives. But now, with crypto technologies it comes true. Gamblers anonymous number meetings are discussing this theme all around the world.

Discussion about the cryptocurrency, most often is considered the pioneer of this industry – Bitcoin. This unique system was presented in autumn 2008 in Japan. Bitcoin is digital money protected by special cryptographic technologies. Crypto currency exists only in the network, has no physical analogues. Nevertheless, it can be used to buy all kinds of goods and services, withdraw funds abroad, and also as an investment. The main principles of the system work include anonymity, and decentralization. However, one particular feature makes the crypto currency especially valuable: in contrast to fiat money, the Bitcoin issue process is finite (no more than 21 million coins can be created). There are two ways to get a bitcoin wallet at the moment: either by downloading the application from the official site of the system, or by using a third-party resource (for example, Blockchain). A purchase of crypto currency will help brokers (by analogy with the acquisition of shares).

Nevertheless, the question: why should online casinos turn to the crypto variant is staying actual. Financial institutions are considering for trading three major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. In the next year, 70% of the world’s largest banks plan to start trading large-cap. This was reported several months ago with reference to the study that was provided by leading institutions. As analysts say, this decision is due to the growing popularity of crypto-currencies and customer requests. Financial institutions consider three main cryptocurrencies for trading: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. The study notes that a number of companies became interested in crypto currency in the last year, when the bitcoin rate jumped to $ 20 thousand for coin. Prior to this, financial institutions were cautious about digital assets.

Here are the advantages of online casino for cryptocurrency for usual players in general:

  1. Complete anonymity (both gambling anonymous and transactions). You can only track the number of purses. You do not need to verify your identity when using Bitcoin. There were no gamblers anonymous stories that were decrypted for the public.
  2. The minimum commission or even its complete absence.
  3. Processing requests for input and output occur almost instantly.
  4. Many casinos that work with crypto currency, offer users much more advantageous bonuses.
  5. The principle of Provably Fair (proven honesty) allows you to be sure that the casino is playing fair. Every game, every bet can be checked.
  6. Playing in a casino is an advantageous way to use a small amount of bitocans. It is profitable to spend them in a different way. At the usual conclusion they will not bring profit.
  7. Ability to check the entire transaction history.
  8. The purse is protected from blocking by the state. No state supervisory authority has the right to block or freeze the bitcoin purse, since it is not used to store fiat money.
  9. You can play anywhere. Even in countries where gambling is banned at the legislative level.
  10. So, with what online casinos using crypto currency, are beneficial to the players, we sorted it out. It’s fast, it’s simple, it’s safe. But are there so many benefits for casino owners, both for visitors?

Beside the profits for the gamblers anonymous online, there are some advantages for the owners of casinos to choose crypto vector of the development of their business

  1. The process of opening a casino operating with a crypto currency, takes much less time (two to three weeks instead of two months).
  2. The default principle, which works with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, protects the casino from fraud on the part of the players. Operators do not have to waste time on numerous disputes with users. The requirements to return the money spent will also disappear.
  3. The use of crypto currency will ensure the influx of visitors, significantly expand the market for you.
  4. Since the number of specialized casinos is less than traditional, competition among them is lower.
  5. Unlike casinos operating with a currency, when working with crypto-currencies, you do not need a license. It can be obtained to increase the level of trust among users, but this is not necessary.
  6. No waste associated with multiple conversions.
  7. The number of players using crypto currency will only grow.
  8. The cost of opening Bitcoin-casino will be less than the opening of the traditional.
  9. Crypto currency is a lucrative alternative for societies with an unstable or stagnant financial system.

The part of specialized Bitcoin-casinos around the world at the moment does not exceed 15%. However, taking into consideration the the industry’s development of the cryptocurrency, it will grow substantially in the next few years. Experts agree on one thing: being protected from outside interference, a full-fledged self-regulating system not subject to issue, Bitcoin ideally meets the needs of both online casino visitors and their owners.

At the same time, working with the cryptocurrency eliminates many of the inconveniences associated with the use of fiat money, several times reduces time costs. In short, this is really an ideal option for online gambling.

Also, there is only one potential risk associated with cryptocurrency transactions: non-recognition and a complete ban by the world’s central banks. But so far there are no prerequisites for this.

Open an online casino, specializing in crypto currency, profitable. Dozens, hundreds of such sites successfully function all over the world and do not lack players. However, if you completely turn to this promising method of financial calculations, you do not have plans for the owner of an online casino, then it is quite possible to make a casino “hybrid” (that is, simply to add the possibility of using Bitcoin or other crypto currency).

Whether to work with a crypto currency, if you are an operator or whether you play bitcoins, if you are a visitor, it’s up to you. The global trend speaks in favour of the fact that Bitcoin will soon be able to easily replace any online currency. Will you join the system now? The choice is yours.